Ice Core Dating Problem

Ice core dating problem

The Greenland Ice Cap is vast, and has about two miles of ice lying on the rock base below. The South Pole area is much larger, and has about the same depth in some places. Yet there have been deposits of coal found at this pole, which shows it must have been hot and tropical at some time in the past, with a warm enough climate for trees to grow, die and then be covered over to allow pressure and heat to convert that plant material into the denser form of charcoal we call coal.

Pieces of tree and leaves can even be found in coal to show this process really did happen, yet how could the same area go from tropical to icy wasteland in so dramatic a fashion? Once so warm and now the coldest place on earth at -94┬░C. Why?

The book Flash Time Machine contains the answers to this too, but in a totally different way from conventional science. Antarctica, this polar region, is not the small white bit it looks like on most maps, but a million square mile plus area of extremes that contains the clues of how this took place, and did so as recently as 3,200 years ago. It has over 250 freshwater lakes beneath the ice which are causing scientists a high degree of astonishment since they were found using ground penetrating radar about a decade ago. Do they contain life? If so, do they show previously unseen and unknown forms of evolution to prove Darwin right after all?