The fascinating rotation of galaxies is a wonder.

Even modern science cannot explain why they are so vast and intricate, because logically there ‘should be’ a few super-galaxies if all matter ‘appeared’ from a singularity as claimed by astronomers. Nor can science explain why they are still rotating at such high speed, often around 65,000mph or so, if 13.6 billion years had elapsed since the mythical Big Bang is claimed to have occurred.

An alternative view is much more likely, which is that Time is not linear at all, but a cyclic process of renewal and decay in which all matter reaches a chaotic maximum that becomes unsustainable, and then Order is restored. We are reaching that maximum now.

How does all this work, and how can Science have got it so wrong? This book explains using worked examples of exactly how this came about over the last 400 years since Galileo’s, Kepler’s and Copernicus’ clever discoveries, and how cyclic time seems to be the only solution that solves all these issues at last.