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Dare we question accepted authorities in science?

We all have to ask a key question. Could science be seriously wrong about anything? We are so used to thinking ‘no’, that the mere suggestion it could be is often greeted with horror and then ridicule. Yet history shows that the answer is yes, and firmly so.

Now we have a newsflash. Some major errors may have been made, and it looks like they have. This astonishing research, which had been developed as a project for over three decades, pointed towards an unsettling conclusion: much of the most modern thinking about Time and the History of the Earth is no longer justified. The project had reached the ‘wrong’ conclusion, it appeared. This seemed truly impossible, which was a problem, since it was intended to reach the opposite answer. The project was then extended with the specific aim of checking this ‘impossible’ result, yet still with the same outcome in mind, that the conventional concepts in modern science would remain provable, and life would go on as before.

It was not to be this way at all, and against all the odds, an upset was in store.