A Flash Time Code 2

To some readers, as to the author, this need for a new world view may come as a real shock. Of all the details we learn at school or later, we expect that our teacher’s version to be mainly right, if not totally so, having been refined and distilled carefully over literally centuries, if not millennia. Modern Western science traces its heritage back to Indian and Islamic scholars, as well as Socrates, Plato, Hesiod, Ptolemy, Aristotle, Galen and many more.

We hear the names of these famous pioneers who achieved no less a goal than inventing analytical thinking, in recorded history at least, and realise that they gave rise to science as we know it today. Their roles were pivotal in the accuracy and brilliant innovation of the experiments they undertook and developed in the grand process of constant improvement. The very last thing we expected to find was the outcome we now have: that the very heart of this 3,000 year long quest for better understanding and knowledge refinement leading to the exploration of space, the planets, not forgetting non-stick frying pans and the Muppets, has a flaw at its centre…..our notion of Time itself.