The background to this thinking:

The study began in 1978 with the highly prejudiced aim, it must be admitted, of proving the linear time model of reality to be right, as everyone already thought it was. The answers were so shocking, showing as they did that linear time actually had no physical basis in reality, observed or theoretical, that further checks were made to find the ‘error there must be’ in this thinking. Why must there be such an error? For one simple reason: the outcome kept disagreeing with this idea of time as a long line, so it ‘had to be wrong’.

Much of science contains such notions of bias, usually known as a hypothesis, and we aim to find them before they do much damage. In this case, linear thinking has been common currency for millennia, but no one imagined just how wrong it could be. As the same answer recurred, it became clear something was very wrong with ‘time as a line’. The rings of Saturn are well known to show signs of youth where old age was a certainty, particularly in the F ring. The bumping ice debris should have been pulverised to powder by now, if they had existed for 4.5 billion years as claimed. The galaxies ‘should have been’ slowing down or stopped by now, yet they are doing the opposite, and actually speeding up.

These issues, and thousands of others, become solved by simply seeing time as cyclic, not linear. The shocking effect of this research was brutally obvious: the long line of time stretching back billions of years was a misunderstanding of time itself, and has no support in reality. Could nearly everyone have been mistaken to think in the old way? It seems the answer is ‘yes’. If so, small wonder that it failed to produce answers that matched what science was observing in space. The cosmic microwaves are a key example. Known as the CMB, they are ‘impossibly flat’ like a sheet of glass, when they ‘should’ have been disrupted by dozens of forces over the years. The fact they have not been disrupted is strong evidence for a short cycle of repeating time.

Cause and effect are the twin forces in operation here, and show that we cannot get something out of ‘nothing’, as we all know. Only magic can appear to do that, and as Einstein said, ‘God does not play dice’.

This book explores all these controversial areas and finds new solutions that at last solve these previously unexplained mysteries. This would measure about 10 on the Idea version of the Richter Scale, because it shows some of the great pillars of Western culture, based on linear time that cannot work, must be replaced. These include Big bang theory, String or M Theory, the formation of the planets from dust, and even Darwin’s Evolution. Try as we might, there seems to be no avoiding this conclusion.

Good news is also present, which is cheerful stuff for all of us, since if this version of cause and effect is correct, the very next phase due is that of Order and complete calm. Is this what the ancients spoke about in older writings, and how Eastern cultures such as India had advanced societies with no wars during our Neolithic era, and why the Vedas were written when the West was still building mud huts?

Flash time unravels the secrets of why Neanderthal man skeletons founds amount to about 138, when there should be 600 billion had they lived for a million years or so, as we were told…. Now, at least, there are some answers.

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