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 The First Theory of Everything…..(that works)

Book Title: FLASH TIME   (Available form Tuesday 28th August 2018)








 Essence in a nutshell:

This book Flash Time explains an entirely new way to see Reality. Based on 36 years of research at the BGI and before, the author has detected over 1400 signs the universe is cyclic, not linear. This book is based on the British Gemmological Institute’s (BGI) report on cyclic time, the broadest and longest ever carried out.

What does this all mean? It shows Science is wrong in nearly every major idea. It is time to prepare for an idea that is entirely new, and revolutionise how we think.

BGI finds that Time cannot possibly be a long line, as in both String and Big Bang Theories, and that Prof Stephen Hawking must also be incorrect to support their linear way. This changes everything, and shows how much of Science needs to be rewritten. The ancient Greeks knew of time being cyclic, but they learned it from the sages of India, a much older culture, and where European cultures and languages actually originated. The key answer is simple: life has always existed, and we have always been here. Science has made a huge mess of explaining Time, and still claims dates and timescales that now, finally, can be shown to be mistaken. Prof Claude Allègre, arguably the world’s top expert in radiogenic dating of rocks, and former National Education Minister of Research & Technology in France, explains how this method is based on assumptions that have to be true, and if they are found not true, their results would become ‘scientifically meaningless’. He is definitely correct on this point.

This book promises to be the most controversial and exciting source of new and detailed answers ever written, covering the essence of 135 subjects distilled into one coherent whole. Amazingly there is a coherence at the heart of the universe, and this explanation has never been presented or written before now. This book explains it for the first time. This is all extremely good news, because it shows there is a point to life, that the Darwinists have never resolved some serious flaws in their theory, and all that effort to find the origins of life have been asking the wrong questions entirely. Life never arose from nothing, but has always been here, and there is proof this is so.

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